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Low Doc Loans

Are you aware that there are loans available specifically for self employed business owners, where you don’t have to provide any of your “financials” to the lender?

These loans are referred to as “Low Doc” (Low Documentation) loans.

At “All Mortgages” we have Low Doc loans available as Lines of Credit, Interest Only, or Variable loans which can also have “redraw” facilities.

The loans can have “split” accounts, where one account can be for personal use and another for business or investment purposes. Or you may wish to have one account for one rental property and the other for a second rental property.

At “All Mortgages Pty Ltd” nothing is added to your loan amount for you to pay us any broker’s fee, in fact we don’t charge you anything at all for our service. You see, the banks pay us from their profits once a loan has settled. (If you talk to other brokers about their service, just make sure you are not paying them any broker’s fee, because they will receive commission from the banks anyway.)

Our company is accredited with the Mortgage Industry Association of Australia (MIAA), and we work under the umbrella of the Australian Finance Group (AFG) meaning we have more lenders available to us than many other brokers

If you would like to know what options are available to you:
By discussing your personal position with your All Mortgages Pty Ltd consultant they will assist you to make the best possible choice.

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