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Recent competition combined with technology has greatly assisted consumers. Used correctly, specific home loans products and packages now available on the market can reduce your loan term and potentially save you thousands of dollars in interest charges.

With any new invention or idea, it is up to the individual to seek information then decide whether they can benefit as a result. In the Finance Industry there have been many recent changes. For example: Newly developed loan packages can today offer consumers a dynamic advantage by showing them numerous ways of better handling their income, savings and loan accounts.

In the past we used to pay our home loan with a monthly payment drawn out of our savings or cheque account. Now the main issue is that we earn little or no interest on our savings accounts while paying higher interest on our daily loan balances.

Another problem we previously had was the inflexibility of old home loan accounts. Extra repayments off of our loan could never be redrawn without making new loan applications and paying new loan fees to extend our borrowings back up to previously approved limits.
Today we can better manage our cash flow by structuring our savings and loan accounts in a number of different ways.

By discussing your personal position with your All Mortgages Pty Ltd consultant they will assist you make the best possible choice.

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